Category: 2007 Fishing Reports

Captains Log December 07′

The fishing this late fall for Trophy Sized Striped Bass (Rockfish) has been consistantly excellent since the day after Thanksgiving.  In fact I would have to say this has been the best late fall the mid Bay has seen in 5 to 6 years.  Over the last few weeks, on our slowest day we still… Read more »

Captains Log November 07′

They are here!!!!  The Fall Trophy Rockfish took their time getting here because of the mild early Fall temps, however, they are now here in abundant numbers.  And the fishing this past week has been awesome.  We are catching loads of nice, Ocean Run, Migratory Rockfish from 30 inches to 47 inches.  We are trolling our… Read more »

Captains Log October 07′

Just as expected the last few weeks have produced excellent fishing.  The live linning for Rockfish continues to be very productive, with a few bigger fish (over 28 inches) starting to make a showing.  The trolling for Blues 4 to 8lbs using plastic hoses has been very good most days.  The bottom fishing for eating… Read more »

Captains Log September 07′

2007 continues to be a very productive year for fishing the Chesapeake Bay from Solomons, MD. The very good live linning action for Rockfish (18″ to 26″) continues as does good bottom fishing for big “eating sized” Spot. We also have Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral in our waters at this time and we should continue… Read more »

Captains Log August 07′

Wow!!!!   That is the word that describes fishing right now out of Solomon’s, MD.  July was great for Rockfish using light tackle rigged with live Spot as bait.  And the last week and a half the live linning action has been as good as it gets, with nice sized fish from 20 inches up to… Read more »

Captains Log July 07′

Once again, I have let my fishing report become out dated, and I apoligize for that.  We have been so busy with our fishing charter schedule that it has been hard to make the time.  But here it is complete with some great photos to boot. June was an interesting month, fishing was good for… Read more »

Captains Log June 07′

Late May has always been the time for change and this year is no different.  The trolling for the Spring Trophies was very good for pretty much the entire Spring, but it came to a quick hault around the 20, 21 of May.  Since then we switched over to targeting the resident Rockfish from 18″… Read more »

Captains Log May 07′

Just as expected the best was yet to come.  Over the last 2 and 1/2 weeks fishing has steadily improved.  Out of 37 catch and keep trips we have come home with our limit on every trip but two.  And on both of those trips as with most trips now, we are throwing back several… Read more »

Captains Log April 07′

Well it is here, the 2007 Spring Trophy Rockfish Season.  To get things started we rounded out our catch and release light tackle trips with a bang.  We had outstanding catches considering the light tackle we were using.  We had 14 Pre Season trips on the books and were only able to run 8 of… Read more »

Captains Log March 07′

3/10/2007-3/27/2007 Solomon’s on Land By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie” The “Miss Susie” is shaping up, the structural work is complete and the motor is mounted.  The still to do list includes….Installing fuel tanks, complete electrical work, paint hull, install new deck and paint the top-side.  Everything is coming together and the “Miss… Read more »