Captains Log June 07′

Late May has always been the time for change and this year is no different.  The trolling for the Spring Trophies was very good for pretty much the entire Spring, but it came to a quick hault around the 20, 21 of May.  Since then we switched over to targeting the resident Rockfish from 18″ to mid 30″inches.  We have used several methods to put our limits in the boat every trip including: trolling, light tackle chumming, and light tackle jigging.  The Rockfish have not set into their summer patterns so things have kind of been changing day to day.  One day we can catch them good chumming or jigging and the next day we have to troll to catch them.  We always use light tackle chumming, live linning or jigging whenever it is effective and troll for the smaller fish only when it is required because of fishing contitions.  I expect that very soon the Rockfish will settle into a few places and hold there so we can begin to have more consistant chumming action.  Normally at this time of year chumming in the middle Chesapeake Bay is excellent with a good numbers of nice Rockfish 26 to 40′” on light tackle.  The cooler Spring and abundance of bait seems to have delayed the transition.

The PM bottom fishing for Croaker is getting into full swing right now, last night we caught 150 croakers (11″ to 20″) after catching our limit of Rockfish.  On that trip we left the dock a 3pm and were loaded up by 9:30pm.  The Bluefish from 2 to 4lbs are also here in good numbers.  On 5/29/07 after chumming for our limit of Rockfish we trolled up 45 Bluefish in less than 2 hours time.

It is almost Cobia time!!!  The MISS SUSIE will be haeding south on the 18th of June and fishing for Cobia from June 19 thru June 26.  Because of some last minute cancellations we still have a few dates available.  Those dates are:  June 20,  21,  24,  25,  26.  The MISS SUSIE will be fishing out of Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton, VA for these trips.  We fish for Cobia while on anchor using spinning rods baited with big chunks of Menhaden and live baits.  Cobia look like a cross between a shark and a catfish and range from 30 lbs to over 80 lbs.  They are strong fighters who are quite the challenge on spinng rods.  They are also excellent table fare.  While targeting Cobia we will also catch a variety of other species.  They include Red Drum, Bluefish, several species of Rays, and lots of sharks from 2 ft to 5ft.  I am offering a discount to any party who books back to back days, this allows everybody in the party a great shot at a Cobia.
As for PM dates for Rockfish and Croaker (4pm trips):  July 8,  9,  10,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19

As for AM dates for Rockfish and Bluefish (6am Trips):  June 2,  4,  5,  6,  8,  11,  12,  14,  15,  17,  30
July  1,  2,  3,  5,  6,  9,  10,  11,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  22

Capt. Greg Buckner

(301) 873-1327