Captains Log March 07′

Solomon’s on Land
By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie”

The “Miss Susie” is shaping up, the structural work is complete and the motor is mounted.  The still to do list includes….Installing fuel tanks, complete electrical work, paint hull, install new deck and paint the top-side.  Everything is coming together and the “Miss Susie” will be ready to fish by April 13th our first catch and release charter.  I was asked by a few customers to post some pics of the “Miss Susie” as she in being worked on, so I have a few pics below.
As mentioned in an earlier report, because we are losing six days of our Trophy Season in 2007, I have decided to offer something new this season.  What I am offering is Pre-Season, Catch & Release, Light Tackle Trolling charters from April 13th thru April 20th.  We will be using light tackle spinning rods and reels spooled with braided line to troll for the monster Spring Trophy Rockfish while there is little to no fishing pressure on the fish before the season opens.  We will be trolling 16 lines all rigged with single parachute and shad baits (no UMBRELLAS).  The use of Planar Boards and Down Riggers will let us get away with using un-weighted lines (no Big In-line Sinkers).  Also, because we are using such light tackle and the set up of our spread, after a fish is hooked up the boat will have to slow to a crawl.  This means you get to fight your Spring Trophy with the boat barley moving so it is just you and the fish.  Surely landing a 30″ to 50″ Striper in this fashion will be an accomplishment to be remembered forever.  If you and your crew are interested in one of these trips, just let me know.  I am offering a 6am and a 1pm charter and the trips will be 5 to 6 hours in length and there will be no limit on how many fish we can catch and release.  Dates available are: (Fri April 13 @ 1pm)  (Tues April 17 @ 6am or 1pm)  (Wed April 18 @ 6am)  (Fri April 20 @ 1pm).  These dates will be booking up soon, so don’t miss your chance.

As for Catch and Keep Trophy Season Dates I only have a few still open aboard the MISS SUSIE, they are:  (Thurs May 10 @ 6am)  (Wed May 16 @ 6am or 1pm)  (Thurs May 17 @ 1pm).  My other boat the “Fin Finder” still has a few catch and keep Spring Trophy Dates available also.

As expected my PM Rock and Croaker light tackle trips are booking up very quickly also.  If you are interested in one of these late May, June or July trips get your crew together and get your date before they are all gone.

Capt. Greg Buckner          (301) 873-1327

Solomons, MD
By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie”

Well the job of converting the “Miss Susie” from a twin engine to a single engine has turned out to be a lot of hard work.  But we are making progress and in addition to the engine conversion we are also beefing up the structural frame work of the boat as well as installing new larger fuel tanks.  We are also installing a brand new very comfortable toilet, as well as a sound system with 4 new good quality speakers and a stero that my i-pod will hook to.  So look foward to great tunes in 2007 as well as great fishing.

If you are interested in a Spring Charter, the dates are nearly all booked up.  So contact me asap.  I still have 6 openings(dates) for the Catch and Release Pre-Season, light tackle trips.  As for the catch and keep Trophy Trips, I have a few dates the week of May 14 to May 18.  With the cold weather we now have, I think we should be catching the Trophy Fish at least through Friday May 18th.  I also still have availability for the last two weeks of May.  The year before last we caught the Trophy Fish almost the entire month of May and last year we had excellent light tackle chumming for Rockfish from 18″ to 38″.  So reguardless of how quick it warms up this spring the last two weeks of May is a great time to get out on the Bay.  We will start our PM Rock and Croaker Trips towards the end of May and this is a great time to book these trips as well, because Croaker are a strange fish.  That is, they are nocturnal by nature, and the hotter the weather the more nocturnal they become.  In other words they bite earlier in the afternoon in late May than they do in Mid July.  This means that we will often times be loaded up with both Rockfish and Croaker and still be back at the dock at a resonable time (9 to 10pm).  June is also starting to book up quickly for the evening trips.

I hope everybody is having a good winter,

Capt. Greg Buckner       (301) 873-1327