Captains Log July 05′

Light Tackle chumming for Rockfish remained consistent until Saturday AM the 16th, the first trip we failed to catch our limit while chumming this year. So for the afternoon trip we brought out the secret weapon “Live Spot.” And the fishing using “Live Spot” was excellent. Boats all around us that were chumming were not catching while we easily caught our limits, with some fish in the mid 30″ class. The live bait bite lasted for only a few days and starting 7/21 we have been forced to troll to catch our Rockfish. The trolling bite has been good and with the exception of one trip, we have easily caught our limits. Any day light tackle fishing for Rockfish will pick back up and hopefully we can put the trolling stuff away while targeting Rockfish.

July 13th was our last evening trip for Croaker. We did very well with both the Rockfish and the Croaker, catching our limit, but the Croaker bite was so late that it is not worth the wait when we have great Spot fishing close to home.

As mentioned above, the Spot are here and they are biting very well. Catching 100 Spot in an hour or two between six anglers is common.

The Bluefish have also made an appearance and we have been catching them when we try trolling for them. Some of these fish weigh up to 5 or 6 lbs.

Light tackle chumming for Rockfish has been awesome for the last few weeks. We have been catching our limit daily and several days we have seen fish over 28″(really nice fish this time of year).

Evening Croaker fishing has also been excellent. We have been catching our limit (25 per person) almost every evening we try bottom fishing. Many of these Croakers are 15″ to 19″ and are great fun on light tackle. As the summer continues on, the evening Croaker bite has been getting later and later. Some nights they have not started biting until 9:30 PM. But when they bite…HOLD ON… because they come on fast and furious.