Captains Log October 05′

The Fishing over the last four weeks for Rockfish has been excellent. We have been using live Spot and easily catching our limit of two Rockfish over 18″ per person. In fact the fishing has been so good that it is taking less than hour to catch our fish. Since “live lined” Rockfish take the baits so deep we don’t do much catch and release because the fish normally will not survive.

After catching our limits of Rock we have been doing a few different types of fishing, somedays that would be trolling for Bluefish which for a couple of days turned out to be very successful and as of the last two weeks has not been very effective, as the Bluefish seemed to do a dissapearing act. We have also been doing some light tackle casting and jigging over breaking fish. This is a lot of fun and since trolling for Blues has not been effictive lately it is a nice way to make a good all day trip. The jigging and casting has been producing lots of small rockfish (12″ to 19″) and a few small bluefish (10″ to 14″), both of which put up a great fight on light tackle.

And of course we have been ending each trip with a little bottom fishing to catch bait (small Spot) for the next day’s charter. The small Spot have been biting well, but the larger Spot have made their move South and left our area.

Things will start changing rapidly with these falling temperatures. The live lining bite will soon come to a hault and we will have to switch over to chumming and/or trolling. And any day we should start catching some of the Big (28″ to 40″) resident rockfish as the colder water moves them from their shallow water summer haunts. Also within a week or two we should see the first of the Trophy Migratory Rockfish as they make their move down the coast and up the Bay. If you want to catch a fish of a lifetime give us a call NOW!! Only a few dates still open for November and December Trophy Fishing.