Fishing Tips for Beginners

When you’re heading out on the water for the first time, it’s always best to be prepared. Get off on the right foot by reading over our beginners’ tips.

Know the terminologyFishing Tips for Beginners

All the advice in the world won’t help you if you don’t know the basics. Here are some of the common terms you’ll run across when out on your fishing trip:

Fishing Rod

Your main tool. The rod you use will depend on the kind of fish you’re trying to catch.

Rod Action

This refers to where the rod will bend when weight is applied. A fast action rod, for example, will bend in the top third of the rod, while a slow action rod will bend in the lower third.

Rod Power

This tells you the amount of weight your rod can handle. Power usually refers to your rod’s resistance to bending, defined with terms like light, medium, hard, etc.

Fishing Line

This is the cord attached to the hook, usually made of silk or nylon.


What you use to attract fish, typically worms, bugs, or human food like bread, corn, or meat. The type of bait you use will depend on the kind of fish you’re trying to catch.


Similar to bait as it’s used to attract fish, but a lure is artificial, using its color and movement to draw fish in and elicit a strike.

Dress appropriately

Even if it’s warm out, be sure to bring layers. You can always take them off if you need to, but it’s best to layer up just in case. If you have longer hair, tie it up, and always wear a pair of boots as you’ll be near the water.

Bring food and water

You’re going to be out on the water for a while, especially if this is your first time, so bring some food and water along. Store it in a separate cooler, away from the fish you’re planning to bring home.

Safety first

You need to be careful when out on the water. Make sure you have a life jacket, first aid kit, and sunscreen on hand, and keep all knives covered when not using them.

Now that you’re prepared to head out on the water, give Miss Susie Charters a call at 301-873-1327 to schedule your first fishing trip. Our charters move along the Maryland Chesapeake Bay, an area known for its saltwater and freshwater mixture which give fishers access to some of the best fishing the Atlantic Coast has to offer.