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Week 1 review 2015

While there were some tough trips over the last week where we worked our butts off and only managed a few bites, fishing starting Thursday has drastically improved.  Thursday afternoon actually was a very impressive catch even compared to some of the best days of Springs past.  The slot limit has been difficult some days, but we do now seem to have a decent supply of 28 to 36 inch fish showing and Thursday PM in particular we landed 8 monster fish over the 40 inch mark.  With 4 being over 44 inches.  Fishing should only improve as more and more fish finish up their spawning process and begin their southerly migration.  I did have a cancellation for May 13 in the AM, if you are interested, call or e mail today.

June 1, 2011

Wow what a Spring is all I can say!!!  This past Spring trophy Season was the best/most consistent Spring Trophy Season I have seen in about four years.  We were very blessed this spring to have great fishing and to be double booked every day.  Thanks to all my clients who come back year after year to enjoy what MISS SUSIE CHARTERS and the Chesapeake Bay have to offer!!!  Without your continued support, the fishing we offer would not be possible.

With the slowly warming water the third week of May we were able to make excellent catches of Trophy Sized fish even after the official Trophy Season ended on May 16th.  Now with the warmer waters we are into more of a summer pattern and either trolling smaller lures for Rockfish 18 inches to 35 inches or light tackle chumming.  3 out of the 4 times we have tried chumming we did very well using light tackle to catch nice sized stripers.  As the water continues to warm, the Norfolk Spot will be arriving in massive numbers and as soon as they are here we will make the switch to light tackle live lining.  The evening Croaker bite is just getting started and will be in full swing very very soon.  If you are interested in a trip where we do a few different types of fishing and catch a variety of species, then you need to give a summertime evening trip a try.  We normally depart from Solomons at 3 or 4 pm and first fish for Rockfish(2 per person), then Bluefish(10 per person), and then as the sun sets we anchor up and load the boat with large 11 to 19 inch Croakers(25 per person).  It is not uncommon for us to return to port with our limit of all three species for everyone on the boat.


April 17, 2011

It looks like the 2011 Spring Trophy Season is going to be an excellent one, with great catches on day one and day two.  Colder water temps and an abundance of bait in our waters should ensure that our stock of migratory Trophy Striped Bass will be in our area for a while (hopefully till late May).  Our Spring Trophy Schedule is almost completely full with only the following slots available……….

May 8 @ 6am

May 9 @ 6am

May 10 @ 6am or 1pm

Aboard my other boat FIN FINDER we have a few additional dates available including APRIL 22 @ 6am.

Starting June we will begin our mixed bag evening trips where we depart Solomons around 3pm and first catch Rockfish and Bluefish and as the sun begins to set, we load up on big Croaker using light tackle.  These trips are a blast and we regularly return to port with 150 to 300 fish and often 3 or 4 species of fish.

Don’t forget to check us out on Face Book.  At the present I do have a MISS SUSIE CHARTERS FaceBook page, but due to difficulties with using my DROID to post updates, I am now using my personal Face Book page to provide “live” as it happens pics and updates.  Please visit my GREGORY BUCKNER Face Book Page to follow the action.

Hope to see you on the water!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt. Greg Buckner

January 2011

Wow, is all there is to describe the fishing action out of VA Beach this month aboard my other boat FIN FINDER.  We have fished nearly every day since December 30 and we have captured our limit of two stripers over 28 inches per person every day without fail.  Most days we are finding massive schools of trophy Stripers and while only using 6 or 7 rods, we are loading every rod up with fish all at one time.  For almost half of our trips we have loaded every rod with two trophy fish at one time. We are booked everyday through January 30, then our schedule opens up and we have several prime dates still available.  The two day package deal is a great way to experience VA Beach at its finest.  The two day package deal includes the following……..

Two charters on back to back days for 6 passengers

2 nights with 3 rooms (two queen beds per room) at the Days In

tip for first mate

fish cleaning (2 trophy fish per person)

All of this for $400 per person for 6 passengers (I have had to raise this price a little because of the rapid fuel price hike and the long runs we are making everyday).  On some days if our run to the fish is super long, I may have to tack on a fuel surcharge not to exceed $10/person/day.  The runs to the fish are long some days, but the fishing action is absolutely amazing once we arrive on the fish.

Spring will be here soon.  And our Spring Trophy Season begins on the third Saturday in April.  We will be running two charters per day, every day for a month.  I will be contacting my customers from last Spring to get confirmations for this years trophy season’s schedule in early February and after that I will list all available dates for the spring trophy season.  If you and your crew were not on last years book and are interested in a Spring Trophy date, please contact me as soon as possible and I will get your crew on the list, so once I have dates open up, we can schedule your crew for a prime date.

Enjoy the pics and hope to see you on the water this year……………….

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November 2010

Finally, the BUBBAS are here!!!!  When I went out of town on the evening of November 21st the fishing for the Trophy Stripers was decent at best.  Upon the return from my hunting trip to WV, the fishing the past three  days (11/26,  11/27 and 11/28) has been AWESOME with lots of Real Big fish.  Before Thanksgiving I had zero multiple big fish hook ups this Month and in just three trips since then I have had several and once we had 4 big fish hooked up at one time.  With a milder late fall, I fully expect the Big Fish bite to stay red-hot thru Christmas.  Here is a list of dates still available for Chesapeake Bay Fall Trophies ……

December 14,  15,  16,  20,  21,  22

If none of these dates fit your schedule, I have a few alternate dates still available aboard my other boat FIN FINDER

Starting just after Christmas we will be targeting the Ocean Trophy Stripers fishing out of VA BEACH, VA.  We still have a few very good dates available in January and several still available in February.  For the VA Beach trips, I am once again offering a two day package deal that includes two all day trips, tip for the first mate, fish cleaning and two nights stay in a hotel.  This package deal is set up for 6 passengers and is very affordable.  Enjoy the pics……………


Capt. Greg Buckner

What a difference a year makes!  The first two weeks of November last year was prime time for the Fall Trophies.  This year things seem to be running a little late, the t-shirt weather we had in late October is probably to blame.  While we don’t have massive piles of Migratory Fall Trophies in our waters yet, we do have a few and over the last two weeks we have landed some really nice fish.  The fishing for the small and medium (18 inch to 35 inch) resident fish has been as good as it gets.  The last two mornings we have landed between 18 and 22 Stripers from 18 inches to 35 inches in 40 minutes or less.  My plan for the next few days is to target the resident fish first and put some meat in the box and then put the “big fish” 26 rod spread out and hunt for BUBBA for the rest of the trip.  Once the water cools a little more the trophy sized migratory fish will be in our area in great numbers and we will target them exclusively.  Enjoy the pics of the first of our fall trophies……..

Here is a list of dates Available aboard MISS SUSIE for the remainder of  the Chesapeake Bay Season……….

December 14,  15,  16,  17,  19,  20,  21,  22,  23

Dates available aboard FIN FINDER for the remainder of the Chesapeake Bay Season………..

November 22,  29

December 2,  8,  9,  10,  12,  13

Also, the VA Beach winter fishing will be here soon.  Don’t miss your chance to do the two day package deal trip, which includes two days fishing, two nights stay at the Days Inn and tip for the first mate, as well as fish cleaning.  Call or e-mail for more info.

Thanks to all,

Capt. Greg Buckner

April 2010

The 2010 Spring Trophy Season opened on April 17 and we had good fishing on opening weekend due to high winds which kept the masses off the water and allowed us to catch the trophy fish which were not beat up by heavy boat pressure.  The rest of the month produced nice catches of Trophy Stripers.  Enjoy the pics…………….

May 2010

May 2010 was a good month with the big Spring Trophy Stripers being caught through May 16. Then for the remainder of the month we did a mixture of trolling with smaller lures and light tackle chumming. We had to work a little harder this May then we had to the last few springs, but we still managed to catch our limit on almost every trip, and we ran two charters every day from May 1 through May 16. Enjoy the pics………..

June 2010

Fishing was good overall this month, Rockfishing was good, but not great. Early in the month live lining was excellent, then we had to work our butts off to find and catch rockfish. Most days with lots of effort we would capture our limit of Rockfish. The Croaker fishing was also good this month in the evenings, numbers were great and the size was ok.

On June 21, I headed south to target Cobia and Red Drum from VA Beach. This year we had a few good days and a few slow days fishing for these huge and awesome fighting fish. On our best afternoon trip we landed 11 huge red drum over 35 lbs and our best cobia trip was 5 keepers. All in all a good trip down south, with the exception of the last few days we were there, when cold water from the Ocean pushed into the mouth of the Bay and slowed the bite to a stop.

Looking forward to getting back down there next year to chase these fun fighting fish again.

July 2010

July fishing was good overall, with some amazing top water lure fishing for Rockfish early in the month when the fish showed themselves. The evening Croaker fishing was incredible this year in July, with some of the largest Croakers I have ever seen being caught. Several evenings we caught our limit of 25 per man in less than 2 hours. Towards the end of the month, when we targeted them the Bluefish bite was very good also.

August 2010

August fishing was of mixed results with the super hot temps we were dealt. Rockfishing was either feast or famine, as the hot temps had the fish tightly schooled. When the fish showed themselves and broke the surface the fishing action was excellent, and when they did not show themselves they were difficult to find and catch. Luckily the Bluefish and Croaker fishing were excellent. The Croaker bite remained very good through the third week of August. And the Bluefish bite continued through the entire month.