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Chesapeake Bay
Charter Fishing

Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing

The Chesapeake Bay is a truly special body of water where saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean blends with the many freshwater rivers and streams that feed this diverse estuary. This saltwater and freshwater mixture is home to a vast array of marine life including tiny minnows, crabs, oysters, and of course several species of gamefish. Because of this special blend of water, the Chesapeake Bay offers some of the best and most consistent fishing action found anywhere on the Atlantic Coast.

The sought after gamefish species that populate the Chesapeake include Striped Bass (Rockfish), Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Sea Trout, Croaker, and Spot. Because of the abundance of these species and our love for fishing, Miss Susie Charters offers fishing charters departing from Solomons Island, MD fishing the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Solomons Island Charter Fishing, MD Charter Fishing

Solomons Island, Maryland often referred to as just Solomons, Maryland is centrally located in the mid Chesapeake Bay, basically half way between the mouth of the Bay (Atlantic Ocean) and the farthest north reaches of the main body of the Chesapeake. Solomons Island unique location is very much the reason why this port is arguably the best fishing destination on the entire Chesapeake Bay. Many of our best fishing spots or areas are located just outside the mouth of the Patuxent River, which is only a few miles from where Miss Susie is docked. This means more time fishing and less time running to the fish.

Solomons Island is also located between two other very productive fishing grounds, one located about an hour south and the other an hour north. This means we have the ability to go to where the fish are and still keep the time running to a minimum. Other ports to the north of Solomons are often out of luck when the majority of the fish are further south than Solomons because it is just too far of a run for them to get to the fish. The same is true for the ports to the south of Solomons, when the Rockfish bite is red hot right out side of our harbor, the run is too far for them, so you are stuck with whatever other species they have to offer. However, the run to the fishing grounds they frequent is only about an hour from Solomons, so if that is where the fish are we can get to them in a timely manner. Last but not least Solomons Island, MD is only 1 hour from the D.C. Beltway.

Upcoming Fishing Action!!!

There is a little chill in the air, Chesapeake Bay fisherman know what that means:  The trolling bite for Fall Trophies will very soon be red hot!  Looking forward to a few more weeks of excellent live lining using light tackle, its time to chase the Trophies.
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The Miss Susie

  • The Miss Susie is a Robbins custom built Chesapeake Bay fishing machine. She is/has...

    • Yearly inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard and licensed to carry up to 16 passengers
    • 44 foot length and 14 foot beam
    • Fast 17 knot cruise speed, powered by a CAT 3208 435hp
    • Solid C-flex over mahogany hull construction for a safe and stable ride
    • Roomy, comfortable, heated, and enclosed cabin which seats 9 adults, includes dinette, and has a private “head” in V-berth area
    • Deck low to the water for a smooth ride and easy fishing
    • Fully equipped cockpit area with: 2 GPS’s, 2 depth/fish finders, radar, CB radio, VHF radio, and two cell phones
    • Completely rigged with high quality tackle; all reels are PENN or Shimano Baitrunners and all rods are custom made or Shakespeare Ugly Stiks
    • Large fish box with plenty of ice to keep bait and your catch cold all day

Types of Fishing

Aboard Miss Susie Capt. Greg will employ whatever method and type of fishing needed to provide the most successful catch, keeping in mind what his customers interests are. Capt. Greg always prefers to use light tackle instead of the heavier trolling tackle and whenever the light tackle will produce we will be fishing with light tackle. Here is a list of the types of fishing we employ throughout our fishing season:

Trolling for Trophy Striped Bass (Rockfish)——April/May and November/December and January/February from VA Beach

Light Tackle Live Linning Using Live Spot as Bait——– June thru October

Trolling For Bluefish using rubber hoses and diving planars—–Late May thru October

Light Tackle Casting and Jigging lures over schools of feeding Striped Bass and Bluefish—-Late May thru early November and also January/February from VA Beach

Trolling for Spanish Mackerel using spoons and diving planars—–August thru early October

Bottom Fishing for Perch, Croaker, and Spot Fish——-Late May thru November

Drifting for Flounder——June thru October

Mission Statement

Mission statements and charter fishing don’t seem to go together, nevertheless, I, Captain Greg Buckner, feel it is very important to express what Miss Susie Charters strives very hard to provide for all of our valued customers. First, our main goal at Miss Susie Charters is to ensure that our clients have an enjoyable, fun-filled, and exciting experience each time they charter the Miss Susie. We ensure this by providing professional Chesapeake Bay fishing charters run by a Captain who flat out loves to fish and knows how to treat clients. Captain Greg is honest, knowledgeable, friendly, entertaining, and respectful of his clients needs. He understands that some of his clients want a very energetic, fast-paced atmosphere while others just want to relax and enjoy their time on the water. Capt. Greg has no problem addressing all of his client’s questions during a charter and loves explaining the different types and methods of fishing that are employed aboard the Miss Susie. With Capt. Greg you can rest assured that no one will try harder to provide a successful day of fishing; he is always willing to go the few extra miles and use any method or means necessary to ensure a productive catch.

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