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Solomons Island Fishing Charters

Solomons Island, Maryland

Solomons Island, Maryland often referred to as just Solomons, Maryland is centrally located in the mid Rockfish, Striped Bass fishing charters on the Chesapeake Bay from Solomon's MarylandChesapeake Bay, basically half way between the mouth of the Bay (Atlantic Ocean) and the farthest north reaches of the main body of the Chesapeake.  Solomons Island’s unique location is very much the reason why this port is arguably the best fishing destination on the entire Chesapeake Bay.  Many of our best fishing spots or areas are located just outside the mouth of the Patuxent River, which is only a few miles from where Miss Susie II & III are docked.  This means more time fishing and less time running to the fish.

Charter Fishing in Solomons

Solomons Island is also located between two other very productive fishing grounds, one located about an hour south and the other an hour north.  This means we have the ability to go to where the fish are and still keep the time running to a minimum.  Other ports to the north of Solomons are often out of luck when the majority of the fish are farther south than Solomons because it is just too far of a run for them to get to the fish.  The same is true for the ports to the south of Solomons, when the Rockfish bite is red hot right outside of our harbor, the run is too far for them, so you are stuck with whatever other species they have to offer.  However, the run to the fishing grounds they frequent is only about an hour from Solomons, so if that is where the fish are we can get to them in a timely manner.   Last but not least Solomons Island, MD is only 1 hour from the D.C. Beltway.  Most Recently we have been fishing out of Solomons, MD only for the Spring Trophy Rockfish season (April thru May) and for the Fall Rockfish season (October thru November).  The bite to the north has been excellent for the past 5 years from early June thru about October.  We want our boat to be docked where the fish are most plentiful and abundant, so mid to late May we will be back at the Happy Harbor in Deale, MD. Click here for info on the fishing opportunities from Deale, MD.