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Deale, MD

Deale, Maryland

Deale, MD is about 45 minutes north of Solomons Island by car and a little less than 2 hours north by boat. For years the Solomons waters produced the best fishing in the Chesapeake Bay especially for Stripers (Rockfish) Spring, Summer and Fall. Areas to the north were fished heavily because of their closer proximity to the major cities of D.C. and Baltimore, but Solomons was a hidden gem. That is still true in the Spring and Later Fall with excellent fishing out of Solomons, but things have completely changed for the entire Summer and very early Fall. For the past 4 seasons, the red hot Rockfish bite has been further north in the Chesapeake Bay, leaving Solomons with only scraps. Because of this we have been moving the Miss Susie II & III north around mid May the past few seasons and will do the same in 2018 if the fishing pattern stays the same. Happy Harbor in Deale, MD has been our charter dock of choice the past few summers and we look forward to another great season fishing out of there. Deale, MD is only about 30 minutes from the D.C. Beltway and also very close to Baltimore and Annapolis. The waters around Deale, MD also offer good bottom fishing opportunities for Spot, White Perch and some Croaker. Later in the summer Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel also become available. Our motto going forward is, we will be where the fish are!