Fishing Report August 06′

I would like to start this report with, “I am sorry for not keeping up on my report and not taking as many photos as I should have.”  August was a hetic month for me, I took a vacation for a week and a half during the middle of the month and early in the… Read more »

Captains Log July 06′

The Live-Lining bite continues to be as good as it gets!!!!!!!   We are quickly catching nice limits of Rockfish between 20 inches and 34 inches using live Spot as bait.  The Spot fishing is also still very good, with pleanty of nice sized Spot to fill coolers with. This Red hot live lining bite should… Read more »

Captains Log June 06′

June continues to be a very productive month for Rockfish and Croaker, and also, as of the last few days Norfolk Spot and Bluefish.  The chumming action that we had been experiencing came to an abrupt stop on June 16 and has not started up since then.  So we had to switch gears and break out… Read more »

Captains Log May 06′

The Light-Tackle action for good sized Rockfish continues.  On both trips Friday and Saturday and our Sunday trip the Chumming was spectacular, with fast action and fish up to 34 inches.  On Saturday afternoon after catching our limit of nice Rockfish chumming we found a school of “breaking” Rockfish.  We quickly rigged up for light… Read more »

Captians Log April 06′

The fishing continues to be excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It actually seems to be getting better every day.  In the past few days we have caught our fish so quickly that we are able to leave a slot or two open and try for a “Big One”.  While doing this we are catching and releasing many nice fish. … Read more »

Captains Log March 06′

Well the job of converting the “Miss Susie” from a twin engine to a single engine has turned out to be a lot of hard work.  But we are making progress and in addition to the engine conversion we are also beefing up the structural frame work of the boat as well as installing new… Read more »

Captains Log December 04′

On December 17th, 2004, Miss Susie and crew headed south to try the late December striper fishing at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. During the days that followed, we sought to learn the new waters and charter a few light tackle fishing trips. First mate Francis Zell brought a good deal of CBBT light tackle… Read more »

Captains Log October 05′

The Fishing over the last four weeks for Rockfish has been excellent. We have been using live Spot and easily catching our limit of two Rockfish over 18″ per person. In fact the fishing has been so good that it is taking less than hour to catch our fish. Since “live lined” Rockfish take the… Read more »