Week 1 review 2015

While there were some tough trips over the last week where we worked our butts off and only managed a few bites, fishing starting Thursday has drastically improved.  Thursday afternoon actually was a very impressive catch even compared to some of the best days of Springs past.  The slot limit has been difficult some days, but we do now seem to have a decent supply of 28 to 36 inch fish showing and Thursday PM in particular we landed 8 monster fish over the 40 inch mark.  With 4 being over 44 inches.  Fishing should only improve as more and more fish finish up their spawning process and begin their southerly migration.  I did have a cancellation for May 13 in the AM, if you are interested, call or e mail today.


Opening weekend 2015

Picture perfect weather greeted us Opening Day AM 2015.  But the new “slot” limit kicked our butt! In an effort to reduce harvest MD and the Feds have employed a new size restriction this Spring that requires all recreational fisherman in the MD Chesapeake Bay to release any Striped Bass between 36 and 40 inches.  For years there was just a 28 inch minimum size requirement.  Saturday AM trip we landed a total of 14 Trophy Striped Bass, 7 we of legal size (28″ to 36″ or over 40″) and 7 in the slot (36″ to 40″).  Saturday afternoon we landed 6 Trophy Striped Bass (3 slot fish and 3 keepers).  Sunday AM we had 8 big fish bites and landed 5 trophies (4 slots and 1 keeper fish).  Sunday afternoon we landed 6 trophies (4 over the 40″ upper slot and 1 under the 36″ slot and we also tossed back 2 slot fish).  Tough weekend of fishing overall, seems the weather conditions have the vast majority of the fish on the spawning grounds or at least in the staging areas waiting for the water to warm a few degrees.  As soon as the big fish lay their eggs, they will be feeding their way out of the Chesapeake Bay and fishing will get red hot.  But this slot limit is certainly making things more difficult.  Hopefully it does some good and the population of large Spawning fish gets back to the hights of 6 or 7 years ago.  Just a few more good spawns like 2011 and things should certainly improve.  


Bitter Sweet Day tomorrow…

Only 1 day till Opening Day 2015 MD Trophy Rockfish Season!  Rods are rigged and ready and MISS SUSIE II is cleaned up and ready to roll.  However, Tomorrow will be bitter sweet for me, as I will be selling the original MISS SUSIE.  I worked as a first mate aboard the original MISS SUSIE 1999 thru 2003 and I purchased her from Capt. John Montgomery in 2004 and I operated her full time from 2004 thru 2011.  Since 2011 she has been dry docked and the time has finally come to let her go to a new owner.  What a great boat, and tons of great memories and tons and tons of fish that have been lifted over her sides.  I was really lucky to get the opportunity to get into a business that I am passionate about and even more fortunate to be able to make a career out of it.  MISS SUSIE! Wishing you only the best!